If and when you choose to connect to the Langford sewer system, you'll need to have a sewer utility account with West Shore Environmental Services (WSES). To establish an account, or to make any changes to your account, please refer to the appropriate section.

Update an Account

To make changes to your account, such as contact person(s), billing information, etc., please contact Customer Care.

Open an Account

Service ApplicationTo open a new account, please complete the Service Application online, or print and mail or deliver in person to:

West Shore Environmental Services
Unit 103, 859 Orono Avenue
Victoria, BC V9B 2T9
Fax: 250.478.2163.

Once approved, you'll be contacted regarding the applicable sewer utility account set-up fee and related charges, as well as yearly sewer user fees.

Transfer of Ownership

Customer Care Misc FormLawyers and Notaries

When representing either a purchaser or vendor, complete the Sewer Utility Account Adjustment Form to request a sewer utility adjustment amount (if applicable).

Customer Care Misc FormNew Homeowners

If you have recently purchased a home or business connected to the City of Langford sewer system, please complete and send the Account Setup Change of Owner Form to ensure all account information is correct and up-to-date.

New Connections and Fees

WSES may impose a Sewer Capital Recovery Fee on owners based on single family equivalents assessed for each property. This is to cover the capital cost for the installation of sewers in the various areas of Langford.

Within existing sewer specified areas, WSES may also impose a one-time connection fee for new connections to the sewer system. This physical connection fee is based on per inch of diameter of the connecting pipe.

WSES will impose annual user fees based on cubic meter of water consumed through winter months. User fee consumption data is calculated by the Capital Regional District (CRD) Water Department.

WSES will impose a one-time account set-up charge of $25.00 for residential connections and up to $125.00 for all other connections. These will apply each time an account is set-up by the owner of a lot or property.

General Terms and Conditions

You can view and download the WSES Terms and Conditions.