My Account

MyUtilityConnect Logo ShadowTo manage your Bluestem Utilities account, you can use our My Utility Account online self-service portal to make most changes yourself. My Utility Account lets you manage your account from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Alternatively, please contact Customer Care for account updates and changes.

Update an Account

With My Utility Account, you can update your account information at any time. Changes such as contact person(s), payment preferences, paperless billing, etc., can all be done easily online. Alternatively, please contact Customer Care.

Open an Account

To open a new account, or apply for service at an existing location where services already exist, please download and complete a Service Application — either with our secure online form, or by pdf form, which can be emailed or mailed to Customer Care.

picto service application online service icon service application

Close an Account

To close an account, please contact Customer Care at least two full business days (48 hours)  before your move, so we can close your account. You are responsible for all charges until the account is closed.